Modern galley kitchen extension ideas in 2023

modern kitchen extension ideas 2023

Galley kitchens have been popular for many homeowners due to their efficient use of room and practicality. However, these narrow kitchen layouts can sometimes feel cramped and uninspiring. If you want to expand your galley kitchen or give it a fresh makeover in 2023, we’ve got you covered! This blog post shares some modern galley kitchen extension ideas to help transform your cooking space into an inspiring culinary haven. From design inspiration to layout ideas and finishing touches, let’s explore ideas on how to make extension the most of your galley kitchen.

Introducing the galley kitchen

The galley kitchen, a corridor or a parallel kitchen is a popular layout for modern homes. It typically features two rows of countertops and cabinets facing each other, with a thin walkway in between. This design maximizes available space while providing easy access to all the necessary appliances and tools.

One advantage of galley kitchens is that they work well in small and large spaces. They are efficient and functional, making them perfect for busy households where cooking is done daily. Moreover, their straightforward layout makes it easy to organize your kitchen essentials neatly.

However, some homeowners find galley kitchens limiting due to their narrowness and lack of natural light. But don’t worry! With appropriate planning and execution, you can expand your galley kitchen without sacrificing its functionality or charm.

In the following sections, we’ll explore creative ways to enhance your galley kitchen’s design while maximizing its potential space-wise. From smart storage solutions to lighting tricks, we have plenty of ideas to make your galley kitchen more inviting than ever!

Design inspiration

The ideas of a galley kitchen extension may seem small and narrow, but it can become an efficient and stylish area with the right design inspiration. One way to do this is to retain modern design aspects in your plan.

Think about using sleek finishes like stainless steel appliances or white walls with a high gloss. These features give any kitchen a touch of class while also reflecting light and making it look like there is more room.

modern kitchen extension

Another way to elevate your galley kitchen’s aesthetic is through colour choices. Lighter hues like whites or pastels will make the room brighter and more open. Conversely, darker colours create depth in smaller spaces.

You can also add warmth and character by playing with textures by adding natural materials like wood accents or open brick walls. These small touches add personality to a small area without taking up too much space.

Regarding layout ideas, consider incorporating smart storage solutions such as pull-out shelves or built-in cabinets that help maximize vertical space while keeping everything organized yet accessible.

Remember to think outside the box while being functional and aesthetically pleasing when designing your galley kitchen extension ideas.

Layout ideas

When designing a galley kitchen extension, the layout is one of the most important aspects. Although there are many possible layouts, some will serve your needs better than others. Consider the following layout suggestions to make the most of your expanded galley kitchen.

Firstly, consider an L-shaped layout which can provide additional counter and storage spaces and create a natural flow for cooking and entertaining guests. Another idea is adding an island or peninsula in the middle of your kitchen with extra seating options and storage underneath. This will give you more workspace while still keeping everything within reach.

kitchen extension ideas 2023

A U-shaped design is ideal if you have plenty of room in your home renovation budget for appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, stovetops and dishwashers along one wall whilst using another wall for food preparation areas.

Floating shelves or open shelving combined with glass doors and cabinets against walls can create visual appeal by displaying beautiful items like ceramics, glasses etc. This also maximizes vertical space without compromising style.

Consider these suggestions when planning out your galley kitchen extension’s layout so that it works perfectly for you!

Finishing touches

Once your galley kitchen extension is perfectly laid out, it’s time for the finishing touches to give your space personality and style. Attention to detail makes even a small galley kitchen feel luxurious and functional.

One way to add character is through lighting. Pendant lights in a modern or industrial design can make a statement while providing ample task lighting. Another option is under-cabinet lighting which can give ambience while illuminating countertops for meal prep.

Remember storage solutions when it comes to finishing touches. Add open shelving or glass-front cabinets to showcase beautiful dishware or decorative items. A built-in wine rack or coffee station can also add functionality and charm.

Adding greenery through potted plants or herbs on windowsills adds visual interest and purifies the air in the kitchen. And lastly, remember to underestimate the power of artwork or unique wall decors, such as a vintage clock or chalkboard paint for grocery lists and recipes.

With these simple yet effective finishing touches, your galley kitchen extension will be complete with practicality and personality.

How to extend your galley kitchen

A galley kitchen extension can be a terrific way to increase your home’s space and utility. The layout is one of the most essential factors to consider while extending your galley kitchen. You want to maximize your space while still setting up a productive routine.

An island is a common option to expand a galley kitchen. In addition to offering extra counter and storage space, islands can be the room’s main point. Another choice is to extend the existing galley kitchen’s walls into other rooms, such as dining or living rooms.

Working with a qualified designer with experience creating compact kitchens is crucial when organizing your addition. They can assist you in designing a plan that makes the most of available space and facilitates a smooth process.

Another thing to consider when extending your galley kitchen is lighting. Adding natural light through windows or skylights can make the space feel larger and brighter. Additionally, under-cabinet lighting can provide task lighting for food preparation areas.

Extending your galley kitchen requires careful planning and considering layout, lighting, and design elements. With proper guidance from professionals and these ideas in mind, you’re off making cooking time enjoyable!


As we end our discussion on modern galley kitchen extension ideas, it’s important to remember that the possibilities are endless when designing a functional and stylish space. Whether you incorporate open shelving, add an island or peninsula, or introduce bold colours and patterns into your design scheme, there are plenty of ways to maximize your space while staying true to your style.

When planning your galley kitchen extension project, consider traffic flow, storage needs, and lighting to create a beautiful and practical space. And don’t forget about those finishing touches – details like hardware selection and backsplash tile can make all the distinctions in creating a cohesive look.

Ultimately, the key is approaching your galley kitchen extension creatively and flexibly. By thinking above the box and exploring new design options, you can transform even the smallest spaces into beautiful kitchens that serve as functional workspaces and inviting gathering spots for family and friends alike.


Can I expand my galley kitchen without breaking the bank?

Absolutely! There are many cost-effective ways to extend your galley kitchen. Consider replacing cabinets, changing the layout or adding a fresh coat of paint.

How do I make my galley kitchen look bigger?

You can add mirrors to create an illusion of space and light. Opt for light-coloured walls and cabinets, keep the countertops clutter-free and let in as much natural light as possible.

What is a reasonable layout idea for a small galley kitchen?

A one-wall layout with open shelving or overhead cabinets can maximize storage while keeping it simple. Another option is an L-shaped design that allows for more counter space and opens up the area.

Should I hire a professional contractor for my galley kitchen extension project?

It’s always best to consult professionals specializing in home renovations. They know building codes, materials selection, and proper installation techniques to ensure your project meets safety standards and quality workmanship.

Expanding your galley kitchen can be manageable and inexpensive if you plan well and get creative with design ideas. From incorporating smart storage solutions to utilizing natural lighting, there are countless ways you can transform your cramped cooking space into an inviting room fit for entertaining guests or family dinners alike!

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