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8 best steam generator iron in 2024, tested and tried

Clean crisp laundry is such a satisfying thing, but when you look down the barrel of clothes are remain to be ironed, it can feel very difficult. This headache of domestic chores can be removed by using the best steam generator iron.

Whether, you are someone who tries to avoid this domestic chore or a passionate person who ironed everything from tea towels to underwear, the best steam generator iron is a need of every household.

It is a game changer, especially for those who iron a lot of items daily because they iron both sides of clothes at once with the help of high-power steam.

So, which steam generator iron is best for you? To bring the best steam generator iron for you, we test a lot of machines from hi-tech ones to budget-friendly models through piles of laundry.

How we tested the best steam generator iron

To find the best steam generator iron, Our team of experts firstly check how quickly each iron goes to its different temperatures, and how much time they maintain them.

Then they use each iron on the polycotton shirts, nylon slip dresses, and linen trousers to look crease removal abilities by scoring who smooth the iron leaves them.

To check how long a steam generator iron tank lasts, they access its output of steam, both in steam burst and via continuous mode.  They also look the iron drips or not during use.

Throughout all the testing, they judge how comfortable its handle is and how heavy when someone holds it.

If you are in a hurry then we recommend 3 best steam generator iron 2024

1.Best steam generator iron overall:

Philip Perfect care GC9630/20, steam generator iron for people who don’t lift heavy weight

2.Best budget-friendly steam generator iron:

Russell Hobbs 24420, because this is the one that has an average removable water tank of 1.3L in this price range.

3.Best Easy to Use Steam Iron Generator:

Morphy Richards 332013​, because having all premium features.

Steam generator iron is better than using a standard iron

Steam generator iron is a better option for you than a traditional iron if you iron larger items of clothing and bed sheets regularly. They speed up the things because they expel higher pressure of steam which removes creases from both sides of a cloth at the same time.

Pressurized and non-Pressurized are two types of steam generator iron. Pressurised models have boilers that expel steam powerfully which deeply penetrates the fabric and is best for the removal of tough creases. The level of pressure is measured in bars and ranges from 4 to 8.

The best steam generator iron has a separate tank of water to expel more steam which can make them heavy and difficult to store as compared to traditional irons. They are also a little expensive, on our list the models range from £45 to quick-charged £499.

What should I look for when buying a steam generator iron

If you know what features are available it will help to buy the best steam generator iron. Here are some features that you should know:

Shot of Steam:

Steam output is the key feature of the best steam generator iron. For better performance look for irons with continuous steam flow and high steam output. The areas which are hard to reach or creases that won’t detect to tackle them sometimes you need an extra burst of steam. The outputs of models range from 200g to 760g per minute in our boat steam shot.


The limescale can clog the vents of steam over time to limit its formation the steam generator irons and most modern steam come with both anti-calcium and anti-scale functions. If you are living in an area of hard water then this is important.

Switch off automatically:

Does your spine shiver with the thought of accidentally leaving on your iron? So, look for an appliance that has a safety feature of automatically turning off after a certain period of inactivity. When choosing home appliances then safety should always be a top priority.

Continues Pressure of steam:

If you measured in grams, then on standard steam iron anything more than 50g per minute would be considered a very high output of steam. The models of best steam generator iron that are top recommended in our list can push out 110g to 190g of steam per minute, making them best at removing creases.

Capacity of tank:

If the capacity of your tank is bigger, then less  time you will have to refill your iron during the use. The capacities of our suggested steam generator iron tanks vary from 1.2 to 2 liters. There is no such ideal capacity for the tank, though your selection depends on the size of the pile that you iron.


If you are looking for an iron that will complete the work on the double, then search for a higher wattage. The best steam generator iron can be ready in less than one minute.

Setting of steam:

To prevent damage different fabrics need different steam settings. To facilitate various types of fabrics search for an iron with an easily adjustable steam setting. Additionally, there are some models which offer specific settings for fabrics like wool and silk.


It is the flat heated surface of iron that comes in direct contact with the garment. Choose irons with non-stick soleplates and durable for easy maintenance and smooth gliding. The popular choices are stainless steel and ceramic soleplates.

Heat-Up time:

You can start ironing sooner if the iron has a short heat-up time. For convince choose a model of iron that heats up in less than two minutes. It will save you time, especially in a situation when you need to go early somewhere.

Customer support and warranty:

For customer support and reliability check the reputation of the manufacturer and the warranty period. A long period of warranty provides peace of mind against malfunctions or potential defects.

If we say practically, look at whether the length of the cord is enough that it can be set-up easily and whether display type, weight, and size are good for you. The iron in which you can see the level of water, and have a large opening for refilling is also worth picking.

Here is a list of the 8 best steam generator iron – Our Expert’s Reviews


Philip Perfect care GC9630/20

Overall best recommended steam generator iron




Steam Pressure: 6.7 bar  
Wattage: 2400W 
Tank capacity: 1.8 liters
Steam output: 135g/min
Weight: 5.1 kilogram
Voltage: 240 volts

It is the best option for those who are looking for lightweight and easily handled-steam generator iron. It produces steam continuously and gives an extra steam boost at the places where need to remove tough creases making your ironing smooth. Optimal temperature technology prevents the fabrics from burning, even left on the ironing board or left on your garments.

Iron everything from silk to jeans, no need to wait and adjust the temperature. An ironing board is not required. It has a vertical steam function which enables the ironing of curtains and the clothes right on the hanger. Capacity to fill large amounts of water. Exclusive pro velocity technology makes it more compact than ever.

Saftey features are built in such as auto shut-off. It also has a ceramic soleplate which makes the ironing smooth.


Morphy Richards 332013

Best steam generator iron for easy use



Morphy Richards 332013: Best steam generator iron for easy use


Steam Pressure: 6.5 bar  
Wattage: 2400W 
Tank capacity: 2.2 liters
Steam output: 100g/min
Weight: 4.95 kilogram
Voltage:240 volts

The Morphy Richard 332013 is all round performer that produces a higher amount of steam which removes the most difficult creases. It has functions of variable steam which allow for adjustment of the power, humidity, and direction of the steam flow. It boasts a ceramic soleplate with less than 2 min heat up time. Present a steam-ready indicator.

The large capacity detachable water tank is available with a dry tank alert feature making it more convince for use. Anti-drip and steam tips help to reach difficult areas without any problem.

Power Steam Elite has several safety features that ensure the safety of the user including a soft grip handle, safety locking system, and Auto Shut off, so the iron automatically turns off when not in use. The auto clean function makes the device maintenance excellent.


Philip Perfect Care (GC7840/26)

Best steam generator iron for beginners




Steam Pressure: 6.5 bar  
Wattage: 2400W 
Tank capacity: 1.3 liters
Steam output: 120g/min
Weight: 3.3 kilogram
Voltage:240 volts

If you are looking for an iron that is lightweight, compact, and perfect for storage then Philip Perfect Care is the best option. It produces 120g/min continuous steam, with a 400 g steam boost which tackles thick fabrics and remove tough creases with ease.

The advanced smart control processor is built inside the iron, so you can iron everything from jeans to silk at any time. It has optimal temperature technology which helps to prevent burns on fabric. The large water tank is available with a transparent body so there is no need to refill for a long time.

Steam Glide soleplate is present with 5 layers of coating including an anti-corrosive base that moves easily over fabrics. It has a smart Calc Clean system which increase the life of iron.


Morphy Richards 333030

Best steam generator iron for the production of steam



Morphy Richards Easy Steam Steam generator


Steam Pressure: 6 bar  
Wattage: 2400W 
Tank capacity: 1.8 liters
Steam output: 120g/min
Weight: 2.83 kilogram
Voltage: 240 volts

The Morphy Richard Easy Steam is efficient, it has a self-cleaning function which increases its life span. It produces maximum output of steam and an eco-friendly mode which can reduce ironing time. This iron provides customizable and efficient steam for different fabrics. The vertical feature helps to iron curtains, hanging garments, and more.

It has high pressure which removes the toughest wrinkles smoothly. The anti-scale and Cal-clean feature enhances performance and longevity. A long cord increase mobility. The capacious detachable water tank makes it a reliable option for use. A high quality safe secure iron lock is present which provides peace of mind and convenient storage.

The base of iron is made up of ceramic soleplate which provides a smooth experience.


Russell Hobbs 24420

Best steam generator iron for areas having hard water



russell hobbs best steam generator iron


Steam Pressure: 4.5 bar  
Wattage: 2400W 
Tank capacity: 1.3 liters
Steam output: 90g/min
Weight: 4.24 kilogram
Voltage:240 volts

The Russell Hobbs is the best steam generator iron with a reasonable price offer and provides great results. It heats up in less then 1 min and produces 90g of steam output which adds moisture to the  garment and removes the toughest creases smoothly in a short time.

We tested it’s a light weight steam generator iron, and you can place the tank on the floor during iron because it has a long cable. For larger items like curtains, it has the vertical function of steam.

Limescale is a big problem for your home appliances if you are living in hard water areas. It also has a large tank which continually fills up with water without turning off the iron, making the ironing easy. The Russell Hobbs has an anti-scale system that purifies the water before entering the tank. This helps to prevent the build-up of limescale.


Tower T22023GLD Ceraglide

Best budget-friendly steam generator iron



6. Tower T22023GLD Ceraglide: Best budget-friendly steam generator iron


Steam Pressure: 3 bar  
Wattage: 2700W 
Tank capacity: 1.2 liters
Steam output: 100g/min
Weight: 2.28 kilogram
Voltage: 270 volts

If you have a low budget but want to purchase a steam generator iron then Tower is the solution to your problem. It heats up in less than 35 seconds, produces plenty of steam, add moisture, and does great work on the toughest creases with the help of a steam shot. It is lightweight in use.

The iron has a scratch-resistance and non-stick ceramic soleplate which effortlessly across fabrics and iron well. It has temperature adjustment in different fabrics such as cotton, wool, nylon, and silk. The life span is prolonged due to anti-calc and anti-drip features.

The dry iron option is available in which no steam is produced. Lock and carry system enhances safe portability.


Beldray BEL01137TT Titanium

Best steam generator iron for large ironing works



Beldray BEL01137TT Titanium: Best steam generator iron for large ironing works


Steam Pressure: 4.5 bar  
Wattage: 2400W 
Tank capacity: 1.2 liters
Steam output: 40g/min
Weight: 3.16 kilogram
Voltage: 230 volts

 It is a robust appliance that makes the ironing as efficient as possible. The impressive steam output is capable of 150g steam shot and 40g per min continuous steam, powerful enough to remove the creases in fabrics like linen and denim. The ceramic soleplate decrease the effort needed to iron and smoothly glides over various fabrics.

It has a large 350ml water tank which reduces the need to refill frequently and is ideal for longer sessions of iron. Additionally, the anti- calcium function protects iron from the buildup of limescale, increasing the life of the device. The vertical feature helps to iron the curtains. A long 2-meter cord that allows you to iron clothes with ease.


Tefal Pro Express GV9224

Best steam generator iron for professionals



Tefal Pro Express GV9224 Best steam generator iron for professionals


Steam Pressure: 7.5 bar  
Wattage: 2600W 
Tank capacity: 1.6 liters
Steam output: 135g/min
Weight: 4.7 kilogram
Voltage: 240 volts

The Tefal Pro Express is a professional quality iron with impressive feature of steam output. The iron boasts a 135-gram per minute continuous steam output, which can be increased up to 560 gram per minute in case of stubborn creases.

This high output of steam coupled with the ultra-thin  Durilium Airglide Auto clean soleplate, makes the ironing smooth over fabrics and reduces ironing time. This model is well-addressed with maintenance and safety. The auto-off and anti-scale collector feature ensure the safety and  increase the life span of the device.

 The protection system prevents stains and water spillages, maintaining the quality of clothes. It has a clear digital display which enhances the ease of use.

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