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best ceiling lights ideas for living room in 2023

13 Best Ceiling Lights For Living Room – 2023

To get the ideal mood in your living room, it’s important to pay close attention to every little thing. The ceiling lights are one crucial component that should be considered. When choosing ceiling lights for the living room, remember that they should offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal. The correct ceiling lights are essential whether you’re trying to make the space brighter for daily activity or cozy and intimate for relaxation.


In this article, we will explore the various ceiling lights ideal for the living room, focusing on their features, benefits, and overall impact on your home decor. From elegant chandeliers and stylish pendant lights to versatile recessed lighting and modern track lights, we will explore the wide range of options available, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your specific needs and personal style.


Learn how various ceiling lights may improve the aesthetics of your living space while giving the ideal level of lighting to suit various moods and events. So, let’s get started and throw some light on the world of living room ceiling lights.

How to choose the best LED ceiling lights for the living room?

When selecting ceiling lights for your living room, personal opinion and style preferences play a significant role. While the practicality of illuminating spaces and setting the desired ambiance is crucial, the design of the light itself holds immense importance in making the right choice. Whether you aim to add a touch of drama to a grand entranceway or brighten up dark corners, considering the size, shape, and style of the ceiling light is essential.

To begin your search, it’s essential to have a clear idea of your living room’s desired aesthetic and lighting needs. Do you lean towards a contemporary and minimalist look or prefer a more traditional and ornate style? Understanding your preferences will provide valuable guidance.

Once you have a vision, explore the vast array of ceiling lighting options available.

From elegant chandeliers exuding opulence to sleek and modern pendant lights, there are numerous styles to consider. Assess the proportions of your living room and the height of your ceiling to ensure the light fixture harmonizes with the space. By viewing the size, shape, and style of ceiling lights, you can find the perfect lighting solution to enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of your living room.

What size of ceiling lights should you choose?

Size becomes a vital aspect to contemplate. When purchasing a ceiling light, three key measurements must be considered: scale, clearance, and spacing. Scale involves determining the physical diameter and height of the light fixture itself.

Clearance refers to how much drop or hanging length is desired for the light. Space pertains to identifying the appropriate location on the ceiling to hang the light. By comprehending and addressing these three factors, you can discover the ideal ceiling light for any room in your home, ensuring it appears manageable for the intended area.


Cost is also crucial when buying LED lights; we don’t recommend paying thousands of dollars to purchase simple ceiling lights for the living room. Instead, you need to research and buy the LED lights that give you the best value for your money.


Some LED ceiling lights have unique features like automatic dimmers and built-in 3-4 light modes. One should consider these features while buying so the living room lights can serve multipurpose.

In this article, we will help you to get some fantastic ceiling-led lights for the living room.

Best ceiling lights for living room – UK

Top picks - best ceiling lights ideas for your living room


ZMH LED Ceiling Light

These are modern LED ceiling lights perfect for the ceilings and walls of your living room.

The best thing regarding them is that they are remotely controlled, they can be dimmed, and you can also change their light color. With the help of remote control, you can change the intensity of light from (3000 k to 6001).

This ceiling light has a body made of aluminum with a fine finish. The aluminum body is quite sturdy. The dimension of this product is 66 x 41 x 9.5 cm. The product comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and a 12-month free [pair guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this product before it’s too late.

ZMH LED Ceiling Light for living room


Classy leaves Gold Chandeliers for Living room

If you have a gold theme in your living room, then you need to buy these ceiling lights to complete the look of your living room. This gold ceiling light has a very unique and distinctive style; the drum-like illuminator holder is supported by three lamp-like wires and 54 metal iron plates to give it perfect strength. Spirally distributed, the lamps are equally distributed in all directions to give equal light to every corner. Isn’t it amazing?

The metal plates are made of iron coated with a bright golden color to protect them from rusting. These are durable fancy lights that will compliment your living room.

Classy leaves Gold Chandeliers for Living room


Wood Beaded Ceiling Light

If you are looking for unique ceiling lights for the living room, it is the perfect choice. These semi-flushed ceiling lights have a gold metal stand, and in Bottom, it has delicate wooden beads that are durable and look super classic.

This ceiling light has a unique rustic design. You can use these ceiling lights in the center of the ceiling or in the hallways to make them more attractive.

These fancy lights are super durable, so the company provides a free two years repair warranty.

Wood Beaded Ceiling Light


SOZOMO Crystal Chandeliers Golden Ceiling lights

If you want to make the ceiling of your living room aesthetic and fancy at the same time, then these ceiling lights are the perfect choice for you. The crystal ball is the main game changer in this product, and each Crytal ball is adequality made with craftsmanship and has a very smooth finish; in fact, they are flawless.

The product’s diameter is 31 cm, its height is around 22.5 cm, and it is perfect for hanging in the center of any sized living room. The product comes with extra crystal balls, so you might replace them if one gets damaged over the years and all the mounting hardware. But you have to buy the E12 bulbs yourself.

The light can be dimmed with a unique remote that comes separately; you can dim the light into different modes to get the perfect light.


Opis PL2 Ceiling Light

If you want to add trendy, simple ceiling lights to your living room, these lights are perfect for you. You can use multiple lights to decorate your living room; as they are medium-sized, they can be fitted in the living room of all sizes.

The best thing about this product is that it is super easy to assemble, with all the assembling and hanging work, and you can do it yourself. The structure of this product is made of plywood, which is super durable and easy to clean and maintain. Also, it does not rust. Before purchasing this product, make sure that your ceiling height is around 2.5 m because the height of the product is around 53cm, and its width is 20cm.

Opis PL2 Ceiling Light for your living room


LED Crystal Pendant Ceiling Light

If you want to get the attention of all the guests, you need to buy these lights, and you will certainly get some appreciation for your choice.

The color of the product is warm water. So, you can use it as a decoration piece or turn on the lights to get the perfect lights in your room. The product is made of polished material and glass, and the material used to manufacture the crystal pendant is reliable. These lights are ideal for a spacious living room, as it has a gigantic design.

LED Crystal Pendant Ceiling Light best for living room


SOZOMO Sputnik Ceiling Light

It is the second SOZOMO product on our list, and like the previous one, the quality of this one is impressive. If you want the black ceiling lights for the living room to make it more aesthetic, then these ceiling led lights for the living room are the perfect choice for you. These retro-style ceiling lights will give a classic look to your living room.


The product is lightweight, yet it is essential to consider the height of your ceiling before purchasing. The product’s height is around the length of the product is around 105 cm. All the lights are dimmable; you can select the perfect light according to your mood.


If you want to decorate your living room without bringing your bank, these lights are the perfect choice. So, grab this product and add it to your loving room to make it more appealing before it’s too late.

SOZOMO Sputnik Ceiling Light


Ketom LED Ceiling Lamp

If you want a product that can cover a significant portion of your ceiling, this is the best product. It is a gigantic and modern led ceiling light for the living room. This lamp has a modern technology LED bulb fitted in it that saves 85% of the cost of electricity. Moreover, there is no need for bulb replacement. So, without any doubt, it is the perfect replacement for traditional lights. Also, these lights are non-flickering and emit zero harsh glare, which is good for your eye health. It is not impressive.

This flush ceiling light for the living room has a dimmable feature; you can change the intensity and the color of light to meet the atmosphere of your living room.


XiNBEi ceiling lights for the living room

It is a drum-shaped ceiling light with iron hardware. The two-tire design of these ceiling lights will add elegance and grace to your living room.

The dual shade design and the semi-flushed mount light is the perfect choice for decorating the indoor area of the living room.

With the help of dimmable bulbs, these ceiling lights can be dimmed. Installation is super easy; overall, these ceiling lights are quite economical.


Marusthali Vintage Decorative Moroccan Hanging Ceiling Lights For Living Room

These lamps or lights are famous worldwide for their craftsmanship, it is purely handmade, and the material used in the making is quite sturdy metal.

The length of the product is 29 inches, and its total height is 11 inches. It comes in two parts; the upper part holds the wire and the bulb of your choice, and the lower part is to close the bulb within.

If you want to stay classic yet minimalist, get your hand on this product because it is one of the simple ceiling lights for the living room.

Marusthali Vintage Decorative Moroccan Hanging Ceiling Lights


Sea Gull Black ceiling lights for living room

If you want the black ceiling light for the living room, it is the best option. It is the simple design of ceiling lights; you don’t have to do much for assembling and fixing. Also, these lights do not have any maintenance requirements.

These ceiling lights have two bulbs inside and the outer covering of aluminum with a black mat powder coat that gives these lights a smooth and fine finish.

These lights are the perfect and economical choice for a traditional and classic living room.


Durent Lighting Black and Gold Chandelier

These modern ceiling lights will add undeniable attraction to your living room. The artist’s Sputnik has bulb holders encaged in the black cage to protect and strengthen the inner lights.

These lights are dimmable when used with the compatible dimmer switch and bulbs. You can choose the light between bright white to dull yellow.

The product comes with an adjustable length chain; you can choose the desired height according to the height of your ceilings.

It is classic and has adorable ceiling light to add to your ceiling rooms.

Durent Lighting Black and Gold Chandelier


Tetipa Dimmable LED Ceiling Light for Living Room

These floral-shaped ceiling lights can be perfectly fitted to your living room. These lights are made of iron and acrylic; the acrylic touch gives a very smooth finish to the final product. These lights come with a remote control and an app; you can install an app to control light temperature, color, and brightness.

It is one of the modern ceiling lights for the living room and perfect for those with a bigger living room, as its gigantic size will cover the whole ceiling. It has an 85 cm length and 85 cm width, weighing around 4kg.

Installation and connection with the app are super easy, and it comes with a guide, so if you have any queries, read the manual.

Tetipa Dimmable LED Ceiling Light


Selecting the right ceiling lights for your living room is crucial in enhancing its overall aesthetics and functionality. The choices you make in terms of style, size, and design can truly transform the ambiance of your space.

Throughout this post by kitcheny, we have looked at various ceiling light styles that are suitable for the living room, such as pendant lighting, wooden lights, crystal lights, etc. Each choice comes with unique benefits that let you tailor the lighting in your living area to suit your tastes and preferences. We hope you have found the perfect LED lights to decorate your living room.


Is LED light best for the living room?

LED lights are the perfect choice for the living room, giving the ideal balance of light and aesthetic look. Moreover, modern LED lights have dimmers, eye protection, and energy-saving features. You can benefit from these features by using LED lights in your space.

Is LED suitable for dark rooms?

LED lights are the perfect partners for dark rooms and areas that have lesser light access, as they quickly brighten up your room with some soft and warm light.

What is the best mood lighting for a living room?

Texture or the mood of light for the living room is the personal choice; however, tinted, colored globes and fabric shades are the best for living rooms.


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